Faith Motivates Us.
The Qur'an Compares Faith to a Tree.
We Pray our Projects are the Fruits & Blessings of our Tree of Faith.
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Working for the greater good of humanity.

The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people.
-Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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8 months ago

Greater Good

We Serve food every last Saturday of the month to Loudoun county shelter. This month is different because of COVID-19 we only deliver dinner from Halal guys Ashburn VA, No volunteer server needed for tonight dinner . Thank you all who inquire about today Shelter dinner. ... See MoreSee Less

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9 months ago

Greater Good

If you live in Loudoun County, VA, our local food pantry, Loudoun Hunger is in need of pasta and rice, you can donate in person or online:'s #WhatWeNeedWednesday, thank you for asking! This week, we need pasta and rice. We have plenty of mac and cheese, but our warehouse stock of pasta and rice is running very low. Thank you for helping!
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9 months ago

Greater Good

Why are there people suffering in the world? Why are people dying? Why are some people rich and some poor? Find out the logical Islamic perspective on all these questions and more at our first youth series lecture of 2020, "Why is there evil in the world?"

Save the Date in Sha Allah!

March 13 @ MCCL

Brother Farooq Yousuf

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What We Do

Adult Education

Focusing on teaching the traditional Islamic sciences in short and focused seminars designed for people with busy lives.


Engaging in various dawah activities to spread the true message of Islam and to dispel misinformation.


Projects that help others, such as: feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, visiting and helping the elderly and sick, etc.


Youth Halaqahs and recreational events to keep them steadfast upon Islam.


Annual Conference to learn about important topics in Islam and also network and meet others.

Our Past Partners