Kia Jahed
Dr Kia has studied informally both here in America and overseas in Egypt and Syria and did his hifz and ijaaza in Arabic language with multiple Azhari scholars. He is a regular khateeb and travels to give lectures and seminars in various communities across America. Dr. Kia Jahed is a Radiologist. He is also a former personal trainer and college basketball player.

Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed is a hafidh of Qur’an and has studied the Islamic sciences in Egypt for some time. Currently, he is pursuing his bachelors in Islamic Studies from Mishkah University. He also manages and teaches Islamic Studies at IQRA Learning Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

Hasnain Chowdhury 
Hasnain is a graduate of the George Mason University and currently serves as the Muslim Chaplain. He completed a curriculum of Arabic and Islamic studies at various institutions and with scholars in Egypt and at home. He has been delivering Friday sermons in the DC Metro area since 2002

Rameez Abid
Rameez is an American raised Muslim who has a B.S. degree in Information Technology from George Mason University. He is also a student of Islamic sciences and has a B.A. degree in Islamic Studies. Currently Rameez is working full time for ICNA Council for Social Justice (a Muslim based non-profit organization in the U.S.)

Kebba Sallah
Kebba is an active member of the Northern Virginia Muslim community. He has studied with teachers locally and is a qari of the Quran. He teaches classes and delivers Friday khutbahs on a regular basis.

Farooq Yousuf
Farooq has a BS degree in Systems Engineering from George Mason University. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelors in Islamic Studies from Mishkah University. He is an active member of the Muslim community in Northern VA helping organize Islamic events and delivering Friday Khutbahs.